How to Vinyl-Wrap a Skate Deck

Have your own blank deck? Wrap your board with our malleable high-performance vinyl sheet! Elastic and re-adjustable, this high-quality outdoor film is the very same material used to wrap automobiles. This sheet will conform and adjust to decks of up to 8.0 in size, and is very forgiving during your first detail/fitting session.

Vinyl Sheet: 8.5 x 33 inches
Time: 10-20 mins
Tools: Scissors, razor blade, microfiber cloth
Recommended: A friend, alcohol-water mix (1:1), felted squeegee, blow-dryer/heat gun


Any type of smooth-coated deck will do! Make sure your board is free of any scratches, dust, or debris first. The same logic applies with regular stickers-- they'll only adhere to clean and smooth, non-porous surfaces. Most laminate-coated standard decks will do. Spritzing a mix of rubbing alcohol with water (1:1) will help 


Having a friend is recommended for this part!
Align your graphic to your desired margins. Once ready:

Step 1: Partially peel and adhere the top part of your vinyl sheet along top edge of your board first.

Step 2: Slowly and steadily, raise and peel off the rest of your vinyl banner without letting it touch your board (slight touching is expected for the next step)

Step 3: While holding the bottom edges of your vinyl sheet, firmly pull and align your graphic, carefully adhering the sheet along the bottom edge of your board.

(Note: high-performance vinyl is malleable and tough! If you stretched your graphic or pulled your sheet WAY too hard, apply some heat with a hair dryer. As long as that section of the sheet is not adhering to a surface, it should shrink and return to its original state!)

Step 4: Once you're happy and confident with your placement, press down and run a cloth or your hands evenly across the entirety of your deck, making sure the vinyl has made full contact with your board. 


After completing step 4, you may notice pockets of air trapped between your vinyl sheet and deck. Don't worry, this problem is quite common and the solution is very simple. Grab a felted squeegee (or wrap a credit card with a T-shirt), then firmly press down and slowly run the unsightly air bubbles off to the nearest edge of your board.


Depending on your alignment, trim off any excess vinyl to your preference with a precision blade or razor. This is the trickiest part and is fully up to your discretion to decide how far along the plys of your skate deck you want the graphic to cover.