Terms and Conditions

Updated as of May 17th, 2021

Please note that our Terms and Conditions are subject to change and will update without notice.


By accessing our website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for AJTouch.com. Any person who interacts with our website is subject to exposure to the third-party tools found within Shopify. This is also not limited to the use of web crawlers, robots, browsers, data mining or extraction tools that is also integrated with the marketing programs within our site. If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, please do not continue to use our site.

If you wish to continue to use our site, please read the following terms carefully: 

Privacy Policy

  • We do not sell any of the information you provide us. The collected information is only used to process your information for payment. Your payment is processed through tools provided by Shopify and other third-party payment processors they are affiliated with. You can find the third-party payment processors listed at the bottom of our site. To further ensure your safety during your online shopping experience, we have a secure/locked domain. 
  • We collect information that you enter while you are using our site to make a purchase or register an account. We process the information you provided us to prevent fraud when making a purchase and to help us identify you so we can resolve issues (i.e. returns). The information is also used to send you special promotions/offers through email to offer you full benefits as our loyal customer.

  • For any updates on how Shopify collects data, please consult their Cookies and Customer Tracking page and their own Privacy Policy.


  • All orders go out during the weekdays. We do all that we can to ensure you receive your order on time. Please note that we do not ship any packages out on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. 

  • We ship with UPS, DHL, and USPS. We provide a tracking number for all orders to help identify where your order is. Once we ship out the product(s) you purchased with us, we do not have control of the handling procedure. All the responsibility falls within our mailing carriers. Any discrepancies that occur during the delivery process requires for you to contact your post office.

  • Depending on the location, there may be a customs/duties fee charged after the order has been placed. We are not held responsible for covering this international order fee. It is the sole responsibility of you (the buyer) to cover this fee if it is imposed onto your package. More details can be found on Shopify's Shipping and Fulfillment.

  • Any interruptions with delivery can include severe weather delay, postal service interruptions, and many more issues that may arise. Ajtouch.com cannot be held responsible for any condition beyond our control.

  • Other instances beyond our control include packages lost in transit or when packages are marked "delivered" but do not arrive to the destination. We are unable to offer a refund or a replacement for the lost/missing goods. Please check with your locals and postal service to see if your package was accidentally misplaced. Same rules apply to international orders that are lost. However, we do not have any jurisdiction for parcels outside of the U.S.
  • For a more details on domestic and international shipping, we have made a thorough outline of our Shipping Policies


  • Returns are accepted only if the product was in the same mint condition when it was received. We have outlined the conditions in our FAQ page, but to reiterate, our product must not be used, damaged, or peeled in any way. A return request must be made through the contact form or info@ajtouch.com. The return must be made within 14 days. After 14 days from the purchase date, we do not accept any returns or exchanges for any reason.

  • We cover returns that are within the U.S. However, if you reside outside of the U.S., the responsibility will fall upon the buyer. Once we have received your return, we will notify you within 7 days. We will issue your refund in a timely manner once we have received the product. It should take about 14 days to process your refund. Please note if there is any delay in the refund, it may be due to unforeseeable circumstances with the banking services.

  • This return policy is also described in further detail at our Return Policy Page.


  • Exchanges are done in a similar manner that we do for returns. Your product must be in excellent condition in order for us to proceed. The exchange request must be done through contact form or info@ajtouch.com. The request must also outline what item is desired from our store.

  • If you contact us before the product has been delivered to your home, we can do the exchange before we ship out your package. Again, the request must include what item you desire from our store and what you would like to be switched out.


  • We only do pre-orders when our skate decks are already in production. We will send updates periodically on the status of your order via email. You will also receive another email of the precise shipping date once they're ready to be dispatched.
  • In-stock item with a pre-order item purchases will ship together. We recommend making separate purchases if obtaining the product is time-sensitive. One purchase for in-stock items and second purchase for pre-orders.

  • We inform every customer about the potential delays in shipment for in-stock and pre-order combined purchases in our FAQ, product listings, policy page, and agreement terms checkbox prior to checkout. However, if an ordering mistake was made, we can fix the issue once you contact us directly at info@ajtouch.com with your name and order #. In order to proceed with shipping the in-stock item first, we will initiate the order adjustment. Please note that the partial refund may take 10-14 days to process. You will then be asked to pay for separate shipping cost if you still desire the in-stock product.

  • If you decide to cancel your pre-order for any reason, we will issue the full refund. Send us the cancellation notice with your name and order # to info@ajtouch.com or through the Contact FormPlease note that it may take up to 10-14 days for the refund to process.

  • If you had pre-ordered a skate deck but wanted to swap for a different pre-order design, please contact us directly at info@ajtouch.com or through the Contact Form. We may or may not be able to fulfill your request, as it is dependent on our stock / your order timeline.

  • Received the pre-order but decided you want to return it? We will treat it the same way we normally initiate returns. However, some pre-orders may include a pre-order bonus with the purchase. We require that the item and pre-order bonus are BOTH sent back to us in mint condition. Once confirming that we had received everything, we will then proceed with the full refund for you. Again, please note that it may take up to 10-14 days for it to be processed.

Copyright Usage / Infringement Notices

  • All designs are drawn from beginning to end by the artist, AJ Touch. If you believe that any of our work has been copied and/or reproduced in any way without the artist's permission, please notify us immediately at info@ajtouch.com.

Disclaimers of Warranties 

  • AJTouch.com may not be completely error-free whether it is due to Shopify or other apps integrated within our site. Please note that you are using our services at your own risk. All of our services are provided as is and without warranty of any kind. We are not liable for any damages that occur when you are using our site due to misuse. 


    • We may make revisions to our Terms and Conditions without notice. Any updates to our page can be found at the top of our page with the time stamp. We encourage you to check our terms and conditions regularly.