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Demon Slayer

6 Upper Moons Demon Slayer Set

6 Upper Moons Demon Slayer Set

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Muzan and the 6 Upper Demon Moons Set! 
Includes 8 designs featuring the strongest demons of Demon Slayer:

  1. Kokushibo (Upper Moon One)
  2. Doma (Upper Moon Two)
  3. Akaza (Upper Moon Three)
  4. Hantengu (Upper Moon Four)
  5. Gyokko (Upper Moon 5)
  6. Gyutaro & Daki (Upper Moon 6)
  7. Muzan Kibutsuji (Original Demon)

    +1 Set Bonus: Berserk Nezuko (Bonus)


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    Every illustration on this site was sketched, composed, and drawn traditionally, then rendered by hand.

    The Artist 

    Waterproof and UV-Coated, a sticker should be made to resist scratching and color fading during years of travels and frequent use.

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