Ra Deck

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Tribute to Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi, capturing the spirit of duel monsters with a limited Egyptian God Deck! The most powerful among the Egyptian God trinity to be featured in the series, The Winged Dragon of Ra.

**Deck ONLY**
(Deck does not include grip tape. Skate hardware and components are sold separately)


    • Grip tape, wheels and trucks not included
    • Colors and graphics may vary slightly from image
    • Ra full-bleed design wrap
    • High-Performance Vinyl
    • 7-ply imported maple
    • Medium concave
    • Width: 8.0"

    Vinyl Sheet

    Click here to read our installation guide

    Have your own deck project you'd like to wrap? Try our malleable high-performance vinyl sheetElastic and re-adjustable, this high-quality outdoor film is the very same material used to wrap automobiles. This sheet will conform and adjust to decks of up to 8.25 in size, and is very forgiving during your first detail/fitting session.

    Dimension: 8.5 x 33 inches

    Installation Difficulty Level: Easy

    Recommended Tools: 

    • Razor blade/X-Acto knife (detailing/ edge-trimming)
    • Felt-lined squeegee (to push out air bubbles)
    • Soap water for smoother squeegee application



    Important Note About SKATE Deck Graphics and Utility:
    All our deck graphics are hand-wrapped upon order. We do our very best to align our graphics within an approximate 0.15in design margin. Board illustrations were designed to be wall mounted or displayed, but also functions for assembly and play. All our design-wrapped decks are sold un-punctured, so any discrepancies on where the graphic is covered by the wheel beds during assembly may vary.

    We pride and commit ourselves on delivering only products of our highest design and quality standards. Any signs of slight cosmetic defects are common from natural wood boards and is to be expected. If you are not 100% happy with your deck, we offer a full money back guarantee as long as your product meets our return policy standards.