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Three Egyptian Gods Decks

Three Egyptian Gods Decks

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Tribute to Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi, capturing the spirit of duel monsters with the Three Egyptian God Decks! Featuring illustrations based off the Three Egyptian God Cards:

1. Slifer the Sky Dragon ( オシリスの天空竜 )
2. The Winged Dragon of Ra ( ラーの翼神竜 )
3. Obelisk the Tormentor ( オベリスクの巨神兵 )

✦ (Note: These collectible decks are the very last COMPLETE SET copies available for the year)

Complete Deck Box 

Each deck box contains the following bonus contents: 

  • Slifer 8.0 Deck
  • Ra 8.0 Deck
  • Obelisk 8.0 Deck

✦ Bonus 

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    Every illustration on this site was sketched, composed, and drawn traditionally, then rendered by hand.

    The Artist 

    Waterproof and UV-Coated, a sticker should be made to resist scratching and color fading during years of travels and frequent use.

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