Artist by day and designer by night, AJ Touch, is the full legal name and 'brand' used to refer to design/creative projects conceived and executed by my own hands. Early on in childhood it was clear that the greatest source of joy in my life came from diving into the world of illustrative storytelling—the most obvious form being Japanese Manga! Since then I've dedicated a majority of my life into channeling my creative explorations into design projects that I proudly share with you all here!

As an artist, my passion and purpose is founded in exploring Anime and Pop Culture through drawing and design. The mediums by which I share with you are merely byproducts of my adventure! and may come in the form of art prints, stickers, enamel pins, or even skate decks. 

This SHOP doubles as my digital art portfolio, and every bit of support offered by you, allows me to expand my collection of creative projects to share back with you!


As a means of studying and expanding my illustrative capacity like all the masters and predecessors before them, I vowed that all the works I produce would pay DIRECT stylistic homage to the drawing styles and source material of their respective author/creator. Whether Naruto is left-handed, or Luffy dons 3 stitches on his cheek, these minute details matter to me.


Each day is a new opportunity to reset subject matter, drawing style, or medium. Although I spend weeks dedicated to any particular project, I don't believe in creating an obsessive attachment once my work has been curated and released to the public. It's important to remain proactive and stimulated when it comes to creativity. So keep your eyes peeled, because the type of works I produce one season, could change entirely the next!

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